Golden-mantis Hotel
Suzhou Jiangsu

The Hotel is located on the east bank of Jinji Lake,Suzhou. Due to the height limit of 40 meters, the base for 78,000 square meters’ GFA is really tight. We creatively moved the hotel's outdoor functional areas to the roof of the hotel's podium, and made these functional areas enjoy the view of Jinji Lake. The apartment has a separate garden.The core of the main building is set on one side, giving each room a view of the lake. The multi-purpose hall on the top floor is the iconic space of the project. The architectural design is inspired by Taihu stone. The buildings look like two Taihu stones standing quietly on the shore of Jinji Lake.


Function: Resorts/Apartment

Total Area:78,000㎡

Designed in Tianhua

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