Gallery Restaurant Lounge around the Grant Canal
Jining Shandong

In the construction of the landscape belt on both sides of the Jining Grand Canal, public spaces need to be fully considered. Art galleries, restaurants, tea houses, and lounges are setting up in the landscape along the river. How to consider the relationship between architecture and environment is the key point of design. On one hand, we hope that the building is iconic, interesting, and participatory, which will bring people surprises and fun along the canal. On the other hand, we hope that the building can be integrated into the environment. Based on such a logic we designed a series of buildings. These construction areas are around 300-600 square meters. According to the environment and programs of each building, we give different forms, different expressions, and make people participate in different ways. Each building has become a highlight of the area.

Client:Jining Planning Bureau

Function: Gallery/Restaurant/Lounge

Total Area:2,400㎡

Designed in Ruishe

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