The First Valley
Anji Zhejiang

When we first visited the site, we were struck by the tea gardens inside the site and the mountain scenery around the site. During the masterplan design phase, we carefully placed each building, retaining the creek, the water line, and some tea gardens in the site to minimize the damage to the site by the construction. The dialogue between human and nature is the theme of this project. There are a large number of outdoor activity places in the planning and buildings. Most villas can enjoy a panoramic view of the mountains across, and even some villas have a sky pool. The living club, fitness center and zen room are the landmark buildings in the resort. The roof of the living club is curved and echoes the mountain; the roof of the fitness center is like a leaf; the zen room is like a glass box floating in the forest, which is completely integrated with nature.

Client:Red Star Macalline

Function: Residential

Total Area:79,000㎡

Designed in HMD

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