Private Estate, Xihai Grand Canyon
Huangshan Anhui

This is a private estate located on the west side of the Huanshan Xihai Grand Canyon. The estate consists of the owner's private house and a 12-room hotel that only accepts guests of the owner. The master planning not only follows Feng Shui theory, but also draws the essence from Chinese traditional gardens. The owners can enjoy not only the majestic magnificence of Huangshan, but also the tranquil mood of their gardens.

In the middle of the site, there is a reception hall connecting private houses and hotels. The interior of the square hall, with a round courtyard, is a dramatic space. The façade of the building is concise and showing the spirit of Hui style architecture through the contrast between the space "hiding" and "exposure".

Client:Yuren Group

Function: Private Residence

Total Area: 5,100㎡

Designed in Ruishe

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