Ren Xin Ran
Principal Architect

Mr. Ren believes that good design comes from dedicated observation and thinking of daily life.

Being educated and supervised by professor architect Larry Speck, through ten years architecture and planning career, Mr. Ren's design process always runs through with culturalist and humanistic concern, really taking care of both owners and users' demands on all sides. Either systemed learning experience in the nation and abroad, experience of taking in charge of various projects design, studying and practicing of traditional tea ceremony and wood design, which helps him study projects from diversified perspectives, and rediscover the spirit of places and hidden charms behind each project. 


Mr. Ren's  architecture works are lifely charming and poetic; he is good at using materiel's feature and lights and shadows to present the quality and emotion of building, which merged into the local environment in a concise way through a contemporary design-construction method. 


Qualifications :

The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Architecture Degree,

AIA Candidate

The College of Architecture and Planning of Chongqing University, Bachelor Degree


Working Experience:

Nihall, Page, The Design and Planning Institute of Chongqing Univeristy, The Planning Institute of Tianjing.



LEED Gold Award

AIA Austin Student Award

Honorable Mention in the Tokyo Vertical Cemetery Competition



Luoyang San Cai international Ceramic Village Master Planning and Design, Wu-Kong-Yao Art Plaza, Loop, Urban Jungle, The Fountain Place Mixed-use, 200 West Sixth Street(Indeed Tower)

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