Dai Yixuan

Mr. Dai Yixuan has nearly 20 years of experience in architectural design and has been involved in hosting multiple projects from design to construction. Project types include branded hotels, business, museums, art galleries, and libraries. Have a deep understanding of architectural design, be able to fully grasp the owner's vision, and be able to propose unique and reasonable solutions according to the existing conditions of the project.

Contemporary architectural design must pay attention to society, pay attention to the needs of each individual, and at the same time be artistic innovation. Good design is the perfect balance between the two.

The Gold Award for Architeture of GPDP Award Paris

Wei Retreat, Zhejiang/The First Valley, Zhejiang/ Wangjiadun Jiayu Five-star Hotel , Hubei/The Bellomonte Resorts La Habana/ Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Qianxiahu, Zhejiang/ Wuhai State Guesthouse, Inner Mongolia/ Baoda Jinling Hotel, Jiangsu

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