Hot Spring Town, Yingde

This project is located in the north of Qingyuan City, and the river of Beijiang. Due to the natural mountain barrier, the economy grows relatively slowly. Yet it objectively has retained the purity and peace of traditional Chinese villages. Water gives spirit to this land. Lianjiang water is quiet and beautiful, and the two sides of the mountain echo each other. Shuibian river is quietly flowing through the field. The bamboo forest is between the villages, the pastoral view recreated the Tao Yuanming's peach blossom. 

The entire project initiated with the existing resources of the site to retain the rawness of nature and the nativeness, while injecting the adaptability of modern life. The project is based on the core of the original village. The master-planning is to achieve harmony between human and nature, with an organic, low-density way. This project contains resort, culture and art, commercial facilities, modern agriculture, etc.

Client:East Coast Group
Function:Hotels / Resorts / Retail/Villa
Total Area:1,348,000㎡
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