Creation Light Tower Block,Foshan

This project is a key project in Foshan. The project is jointly built by the Overseas Chinese Town Group and Poly Group. The project went through a public bidding method, we were honored to stand out in multiple rounds of bidding.

Based on the environmental resource advantages of the site, the master-planning adopts "expose the beauty of mountains and water, dominated by the environment" as the design strategy. All stages of the plan are developed around this theme, and the Lighthouse community will be built into a community that is livable and suitable for industry and city, integration of humanities, feasible scale, vitality and innovation. This project provides a set of industry and life service systems from three aspects of industry, content and life. It designs a complete set of industrial service systems to provide a sustainable, innovative and healthy community life, which is more efficient, more productive and more just ecosystem.

Function:Urban Design
Total Area:690,000㎡
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