Singwood Resorts,ECG

The project is located in Yingde City of Qingyuan, on the north of Greater Bay Area. Mr. Chen, our client who has humanistic feelings, discovered this site years ago. He was impressed by this landscape scenery and thus determined to create his own peach garden. As the first Alila Hotels and resorts of China, Elite Aqua Resort Hotel was built to be a luxury resort of Greater Bay Area.

The site has natural resources such as lakes, tea gardens, hot springs, grasslands, forests and mountains, as well as heritages like Tai Ping ancient temple and Ji Qing Li.

‘Zen, Sheer and Pure’are our design drive. Arranging, improving, purifying and restraining are our design strategies. This project aims to be the ‘Karuizawa’of  the Greater Bay Area so that it could develop to a trending tourist destination.

Client:East Coast Group
Total Area:330,000㎡
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