Mingxin Resorts
The project is located at the foot of Qingcheng Mountain. There are more than 600 native trees in the site. We have retained most of the valuable trees, cleverly placed the building in the woods, or simply let the trees invade the building. The purpose of this is to make nature a part of the building.

Two different type villas, 10 groups each, are flexible to form an organic group. The group formed lanes and courtyards with different scales, giving the guests an unusually rich space experience.

The building is entirely made of local materials to create a rustic and intimate facade style. The layout of the villa is also unique. Each villa has an outdoor swimming pool or a bubble pool. There are more than three courtyards of different scales, and different spaces have different landscapes.

Remain aloof from the world. Live all alone.

Client:Mingxin Group
Total Area:13,500㎡
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