Darentang Hotels & Resorts
The project is located in a small bay on the south side of Haitang Bay. This beach is very pleasant, the beach is white and the shallow water is very far-reaching. It is the best beach in Sanya and a paradise for surfers.

The two major challenges of the design are the premise that the sold villas occupy the best seascape resources. One is how to make the two hotels still have excellent seascape resources, and the second is how to break the boundary between the villa and the hotel and still maintain the independence of the villa area. We have solved these problems with clever movements flow and rich landscape systems.

The architectural design adopts the design style with both traditional artistic concept and modern and simple spirit. On the one hand, it reflects the developer's corporate culture, on the other hand, it echoes the resort's TCM health theme.

Client:Darentang Group
Function:Resorts/Private Villas
Total Area:85.000㎡
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