Singwood Resorts,OCT

The site has fascinating karst landforms, quality hot springs, the well-renowned Yingde black tea and Song Dynasty buildings that existed for more than 800 years. Even ancient temples which could date back 1400 years have been found existed at the site. These triggered our passion for design. Moreover, on the other hand, we realize the relationship between architecture and nature should appropriately be controlled.

How the architecture integrates in nature, talks to history, and reproduces the local humanistic spirit in a humble way is the primary principle of our design. We tried to hide the traces of design, created a place of Zen and tranquility hence give people a unique vacation experience. We hope that people could have their body and mind relaxed and released.

This project is a mixed-use holiday complex, restored from an ancient temple. It consists of meditation rooms, hot spring commercial streets, boutique hotels, holiday villas, holiday apartments and etc. 

Function:Hotels / Resorts / Retail
Total Area:145,000㎡
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