Dadingshan Resorts,Harbin

The project is located by the Songhua River in zhe north of Harbin. Yemaek, one of the three oldest ethnic groups in the Northeast China, was found originated here: the heritage of Suo Li. There are resources like heritages, natural water shore, cold forest, hot springs, fish villages, vast fields, etc.

Respect nature is our principle of design in this project that maximizing the use of existing resources without destroying the original landscape. Thus, architecture is integrated to nature like , as the original resources are fully interpreted in this design. This is also the inner spirit of people and nature of the northeast culture.

The project includes: Castle Hotel, Spa Hotel, Binjiang Hotel, International Anti-ageing Centre, Yacht Club, etc.

Client:Dadingshan Tourism Investment Co. LTD
Function:Function:Hotels / Resorts / Private Villas
Total Area:90,400㎡
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