Jingyuetan Deer Valley
The golf course is located on the north side of the base, which is the best view of the base, but this is opposite to the direction of sunshine. How to resolve the contradiction between landscape orientation and sunshine orientation, each villa get the golf landscape, and ensure the privacy of each family are the key points in the design. We solved these three problems very cleverly through the L-shaped villa and vertical design. The L-shaped villas only open windows facing the courtyard and the south, ensuring maximum privacy for residents. The L-shaped villas are arranged at 45 degrees to the south, and the north-facing courtyard receives sunlight. The living space has a golf course view from its own courtyard. The front and rear villas are designed in accordance with the terrain to avoid the obstruction of the view. The facade of the building adopts a very simple and modern style, with the emphasis on the landscape as the core element in the design.
Client:Deer Valley Group
Total Area:88,000㎡
Designed in HMD
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