Beach Art Part,Shunde

As the composition and development of the Sino-French Art Park, this project is of great significance. The Sino-French Art Park project started in 2014, the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France. It was hosted by the Sino-Foreign Cultural Exchange Center of the Ministry of Culture and the French Cultural Center. It invited 50 Chinese and foreign artists to create 50 artworks. The origin of the project is related to the Eiffel Bridge (1864). The Eiffel Bridge 150 years later transcends time and space and uses an artistic approach to explore the relationship between Chinese and Western cultures. Participating French artists included Pat Andrea, Peter Klasen, Philippe Ageon. Chinese artists include Guangyi Wang, Jianguo Sui, Wang Zhan, Du Wang, Minjun Yue, Feng Feng, Bo Fan, etc.

The design is based on the Shunde urban living room, the landmark of Shunde, and the prototype of Ronggui River,nature, culture, art, interaction, health, and romance as the keynote. Starting from the current conditions, the project combines the existing topographical features, enriches supporting functions, integrates sculpture artworks, and brightens Ronggui with the beach art park. 

Client:East Coast Group
Total Area:158,700㎡
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