Al Akaria Complex
Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
In Jeddah's traditional historical districts, most of the buildings adopt layouts with very clear boundaries, and they also have inward-looking gardens. We follow this tradition and set up four L-shaped main buildings at four corners to form a clear-cut whole. What is interesting is that the space formed by the four towers has both clear boundaries and openness. The simple and gradual shape makes this project a strong icon. The buildings adopt two different facade forms inside and outside to echo the tropical desert climate of Jeddah and the seascape view of the base. The facadeofoutside is dominated by stones, and small voids are set in the stone to shield the strong tropical sunlight. The facade of inner circle uses more glass to achieve the best view. Geometric are used as motifs on the inside and outside of the building to express our respect for Arab culture.
Total Area:280,000㎡
Designed in Atkins
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