Dianci Health Town
The site is close to Dianchi Lake in Kunming, and Laoyu River in the north. Kunming has four seasons like spring, and has a unique history and culture. We use squares, streets, alleys, terraces, water, and sunlight as the core points of the design to organize the overall plan. We hope that people can get a comfortable, stylish and Kunming-style lifestyle. Water is the soul of this project design. We bring water to the streets and lanes, and people get rich leisure and vacation experiences in spaces of different scales.

The building adopts a simple modern design style, with gray tones in materials and echoes the regional culture of Kunming. Low-key design style, set off the theme of a healthy vacation project.

Function:Retail/Shopping Mall/Villa/Apartment
Total Area:297,000㎡
Designed in HMD
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